Textile construction 

Building on a vision

Textile reinforcements are stronger than steel and are also corrosion resistant. They permit new architectural concepts to be implemented with lean structures. Lighter construction methods and longer utilization periods are sustainable aspects of the building technology of the future.

The materials form the basis

For its partner Solidian, a member of the Groz-Beckert Group, FTA is developing material concepts at the interface between reinforcement fiber, coating and (cement bonded) matrix. Combining expertise from the fields of building materials, fibers, polymers and chemicals allows an integral approach to be taken in developing the reinforcements of the future.

Expanding potential

Textile construction is in its infancy. Consistent forward thinking opens up new potential. Additional functionalities create spaces, for example through the integration of insulation, light, sensor technology or smart systems using other materials. Working hand in hand with partners who share the same vision, the FTA is developing concepts for future applications in textile construction.

Textile-reinforced concrete element

Textile concrete bridge in Albstadt, Germany